The 202 Club, Pasadena, CA. - "helping people in recovery since 1966.
Important notice from The City of Pasadena - 202 Club Conditions for Use - Please Read.
The 202 Club

IMPORTANT: Our current location will be closing August 26, 2014.

We have been to trying to arrange for a new 202 Club location since December 2013. Unfortunately, with no luck; the City of Pasadena has demanded a new CUP (Conditional Use Permit) for all locations we have found.  Obviously, we can not survive under their grossly unfair treatment and possible infringement of our Civil Liberties.

We are still desperately looking for a new facility, but it does not look as if we will be successful by August 26, the day we must vacate the current premises. Therefore, each meeting will need to find a new location for their meeting until such time as we are able to secure a new location for the club.  If anyone knows of a possible location for the club, preferably in unincorporated Pasadena where a CUP is not required, please let us know -
Contact Terry Lloyd - Telephone: 626.441.4594 / Email:

We are sorry this happened and will continue to try to find new facilities.

Board of Directors - The 202 Club Inc.

Since 1966 the Pasadena 202 Club has provided meeting space for all manner of 12-Step recovery programs.  It is an icon of sobriety in the community and offers a safe environment for sobriety related gatherings and events.  The 202 Club is managed by a sober, all volunteer Board of Directors.  There are no paid staff.  The 202 Club has played a vital role in the community for over forty years due to the willingness and generosity of volunteers.

1355 North Mentor Avenue Pasadena, CA 91104
(Corner of Washington and Mentor)

(626) 626.398.5500
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The club was started in June of 1966 at 202 N. Euclid Ave., Pasadena. The founders, Rod M. & Al S. set up the location to have Alcoholic Anonymous meetings twice a day. Today in 2011, the club is home to approximately forty 12-Step meetings every week.
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