The 202 Club

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Attitude Adjustment Meeting
Current as of October 9, 2016
New Location !
Although a new location for the 202 Club has not yet been found the Attitude Adjustment Meeting continues to meet daily in the "Trailer" at Gate 7 in Santa Anita Park in Arcadia.

    Mon. - Fri. - 6:30 - 7:30AM
                Sat. & Sun. - 7:30 - 8:30AM

Location:   Gate 7  
               Arcadia, CA
(This address, WITHOUT any reference to Baldwin Avenue, will work with all map apps.)

Other location details:

- There is no physical "gate".
  Gate 7 is simply an entrance.

- Gate 7 is directly across the
  street from the entrance to the
  LA County Arboretum.  If
  you are driving south on
  Baldwin Avenue you will
  turn LEFT at the signal for
  Arboretum Way to enter
  Gate 7.  Turn RIGHT at
  Arboretum Way if you are
  heading north on Baldwin

- Gate 7 is located on North
  Baldwin Avenue and some
  meeting directories will even
  add the "300" to the address.
  However, Gate 7 does not
  have a numeric postal address
  and though some map apps
  will find our location with the
  inclusion of North Baldwin
  Avenue or 300 North
  Baldwin Avenue, some apps
  will not.

- Gate 7 is NOT accessible from
  the main Santa Anita Park
  entrance located at 285 West
  Huntington Drive.

To help you find us we have created this annotated Map.

We meet in the brown building you see as you head down the Gate 7 driveway (the Map below shows this building as white in color). 

An "AA" sign is clearly visible in front of the meeting room.

The Map below shows the parking lot as nearly empty.  During race season the lot appears full.  However, parking is plentiful towards the back of the parking lot as you head toward the horse trailers and hay bale stacks. 

Map -  Click to enlarge





Terry L.

1940 - 2016


Our beloved friend, Terry L., passed away Monday morning, October 3rd, after a lengthy battle with cancer.  Terry was known to all as one of the 202 Clubs most staunch advocates.  As board president, club member, daily attendee of the Attitude Adjustment Meeting and sponsor, Terry not only embraced but epitomized our legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service.  In a word, Terry was “available” to all, always ready to share his experience, strength and hope, always available to help in any regard. 

Few have fought cancer with more determination than Terry.  Ever reminded by his doctors of his prognosis Terry would remind them that ultimately he "answered to a higher power".  He defied all odds and for those that knew him well, he did so while preserving a quality of character and joy for life that is beyond description.  Terry was a good man, a very good man.  He will be missed.





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Current status:

After nearly 50 years of providing 12 Step Meetings in the City of Pasadena, The 202 Club was formally closed on August 26, 2014. 

Prohibitively expensive demands placed upon the club by the City of Pasadena made it impossible for the club to remain open. Although it has always been our intention to secure a new location this has not been easy given the restrictions placed upon us by the City of Pasadena.

Nevertheless, with your help it may be possible to resurrect our beloved 202.   Please let us know of any suitable location(s) within the unincorporated area of the city that are available for lease.  "It takes a village", but with your help we may rise again!

Email Toby O. at with any suggestions.